VooDoo BBQ Fast Casual Franchise Unveils New Menu To Boost Traffic

December 15th, 2012 by

Fast casual franchise’s offerings give guests more flexibility, franchise owners more options

We’re always looking for ways to make our great food and atmosphere even more appealing to guests. So we’re proud to announce that come January, we’ll be introducing our revised menu at our new south Florida location and phasing it in to our other locations over the coming months.

Our main goal for the revised menu was to draw more business to our franchise locations, and lay a foundation for high traffic to our planned stores, by offering guests more — and more affordable — choices.

Fast casual BBQ the VooDoo way

Gregg Frazer, our executive chef and vice president of operations, decided to do this by making our BBQ and po-boy sandwiches, burgers and spectacular sides available á la carte and in small and large sizes, not just as combos and single sizes.

That gives guests more control over their bills — if someone’s in the mood for just a small Jerk Chicken sandwich for $4.99, that’s all they need to buy. If his lunch buddy is hungrier and wants a large Carolina Pork Sandwich for $6.49 with corn pudding and a drink for an extra $3.29, he can do that.

VooDoo BBQ fast casual franchise has developed new items to complement old favorites like our jerk chicken.

VooDoo BBQ fast casual franchise has developed new items to complement old favorites like our jerk chicken.

The choices are theirs, and in an economy still slow to recover, offering more affordable options is critical for guests and the franchise owners serving them. The options allow our franchises owners to compete more effectively in price with other quick-service restaurants, both fast-casual and fast-food, without compromising quality.

Exciting new items

Guests will see new items, too, that add even more New Orleans-style flavor and spice to VooDoo’s unique menu, including:

  • BBQ Chos (tortilla chips with chopped pork barbecue, queso, cheddar cheese, mojo sauce, green onions, tomatoes, sour cream and jalapeños)
  • Crawfish bisque (self-explanatory!)
  • N’Awlins Shrimp Tater (our popular loaded baked potato, but with BBQ or fried shrimp)
  • Mardi Gras Salad (praline pecans, goat cheese, dried cranberries, diced mango and blackberry-balsamic vinaigrette over spring mix)
  • Bananas Foster Sundae (sliced banana, vanilla ice cream, praline pecans, rum-kissed caramel sauce and whipped cream; mercy)

Defining New Orleans BBQ

“We’re also introducing a brand-new item with our Spicy HooDoo burger and chicken sandwich: pikliz, a kind of spicy Haitian version of cole slaw,” Gregg says. “It’s all designed to expand the concept of New Orleans BBQ, which we basically helped invent, and help our franchise owners compete while still offering a very high-quality product.”

Gregg Frazer

Gregg Frazer

Over the last 18 months, we’re expanded from 12 locations in south Louisiana to a planned 57 in six states, but we’re not satisfied with our growth. We can always do better for our existing franchise owners, and we think the new menu will help everybody get more guests in the door.

It can be your door. Want to join the VooDat Nation as one of our franchise owners? We’re always looking for driven, smart entrepreneurs who want to climb aboard one of the fastest-growing concepts in food franchising. Fill out the form on this site, download our free franchise information report, and let’s start talking!

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  1. Terry
    Posted January 17, 2013 at 3:04 am | Permalink

    Looks like a great opportunity would it be possible in Dodge City, Kansas?

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